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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Reflective collars for animals

Our client United Manganese of  Kalahari mine (UMK) requested reflective collars for animals. A recent accident involving some of UMK's employees caused the mine to think "out of the box" to prevent accidents like this. We all know the high risk involving accidents with animals at night due to poor visibility and lack of proper fencing along our roads. The risk will never be removed, but systems could be put into place to make the risk lower.

One prevention method will be to make animals more visible during the night. Obviously, this could only be done with domesticated livestock. Sharon Foden of Benir Holdings and one of our suppliers came up with the idea of an adjustable reflective collar that could be used on animals to make them more visible at night.

UMK decided to place an order with Benir Holdings for this reflective collars to be used.

The safety of people and animals is very important to all and this is definitely a well thought through plan from UMK and hope that other mines will follow this example.

Below pictures where these reflective collars were used on donkeys. Henri Bayman from Benir Holdings demonstrated the use of this collar to one of Deben's community members. The collar is adjustable to fit the type and size of the animal.


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