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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Renovations at Kolomela Mine Canteen

In November 2018 Benir Holdings did renovations at Kolomela Canteen under Bidvest Facilities Management as the principal Contractor.

Kobus Dreyer from Benir Holdings was the Project Manager.

Henri Bayman was 2.6.1 for Bidvest Facilities Management.

The work was done under Christo Grobler as 2.6.1 for KIO at Kolomela Mine.

The project started on 5 November and the project deadline was 30 November.

The Scope of work included:
  • Two cement slabs of 32 squares
  • Installation of 3m Sliding door for the entrance of the canteen
  • Installation of 94 squares Safety Glass and Panels
  • Installation of Office sliding doors
The project was completed within Project plan and on budget and without any safety incident.


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