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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

What is Facilities Management?

The definition of Facilities Management is always evolving and many people and organization s have different views. The South African Facilities Management Association (SAFMA) definition of Facilities Management is “Facilities Management is an enabler of sustainable enterprise performance through the whole life management of productive workplaces and effective business support services. 


Some educators define FM as “a strategically integrated approach to maintaining, improving and adapting the buildings and supporting services of an organization in order to create an environment that strongly supports the primary objectives of that organization .”   Peter Barret 2003
A simple definition of Facilities Management is “the integrated management of the work environment and supporting services of an organization to provide an environment that enables the business to achieve its primary objective. “ 


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 Facilities Manager’s areas of work

Facilities Management is varied and multi-disciplinary and a Facilities Managers work may cover aspects from all the following fields
• People Management
 • Working with Suppliers and Specialists
 • Property Portfolio Management
• Building Fabric Maintenance
• Managing Building Services
• Managing Support Services
• Project Management
 • Customer Service
• Environmental Issues
• Ensure tenders for service is done in line with Space Management
• Procurement
 • Risk Management
 • Financial Management
 • Quality Management
 • Information Management  

Who is a Facilities Manager?  

Specific Job Titles include:
 • Facilities Manager
• Head of Facilities
• Senior Facilities Manager
• Manager – Facilities And Support Services
• Workplace Services Contract Manager
• Area Facilities Manager
 • Facilities Account Manager
• Head of Property And Facilities 
 • Corporate Real Estate and Services Manager
 • Projects and Facilities Manager
 • Facilities and Purchasing Manager
• Specialist Facilities Management Engineer
 • Facilities Technical Manager

What does a Facilities Manager do?

• A Facilities Manager provides a single point of entry for the coordination of all
services relating to the efficient and effective running of a Facility.  This
includes setting up and running a helpdesk for all services and track work as
well as customer activities.
• A Facilities Manager is responsible for procuring 'value for money' services that perform the clients requirements.
 • The Facilities Manager develops the Facilities Management Strategy and Plan
which includes look at the building in the long term and make sure solutions
add value and are not just 'short term' fixes.
• Manage sustainability issues and report on utilities.
 • Reduce the impact of the use of facilities on the environment.
• Environmental principles must be applied and reported on.
 • Manage large contracts i.e. cleaning & technical maintenance to ensure
contractors adhere to agreed standards.
 • Implement and report on adherence as well as financial benchmarks for
• Is responsible for compliance to The Occupational Health Safety Act and the Mine Health and Safety Act and regulations for all services rendered.  

Facility Managers are jugglers

What must you be able to do?
• Report to senior management in an effective manner on a regular basis.
• Deal with lots of customers and be able to understand and show empathy in these dealings
. • Manage contracts for services and goods on a daily basis and provide service level and financial reports
• Provide leadership and management skills to a Facilities Management team
comprised of diverse skills  

Competencies of a Facilities Manager
1. Planning and Project Management
2. Operations and Maintenance
3. Real Estate
4. Quality of work Assessment and Innovation
5. Leadership and Management
6. Human and Environmental Factors
7. Finance
8. Communication
9. Technology
10. Risk Management
11. SHEQ
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